Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hello everyone..well i am still getting accustomed to my NEW APPLE computer re last post.. (just bought the "mouse" today which makes it much easier for me~!!)..

hubby has set the computer up for me BUT I havent had time to book in any lessons yet from the "apple" store...so that will be an interesting experience...!!...

I am just soo scared...as I am worried I will NOT remember anything they tell me..!!
& this from an ex lawyer...jee wiz...I have become very scared of learning new stuff in my 53rd year...(is this NORMAL??)...~~~~~

But i DID manage to get the nice chic roses edging on my new blog I am trying to list...

"The Vintage Hatbox"......(which will eventually match my new internet store)..

BUT I CANNOT GET the header to match it...
even hubby couldn't do it!! SHHHHH!!

soo ANY help with that would be APPRECIATED!!!

anyway with having this fab new piece of computer... I am in the process of cleaning up the table i work from at the front of my house..

SOO today i have shifted the chic candlelabra I LOVED on this table to another position in this room..

bought a nice little office tray thingey to stand beside my table/laptop..with several drawers containing bills to pay...ebay stuff...tape measures...aussie post guide..etc etc..

placed mags to read..
mags to list on ebay.."
books I LOVE...etc & other lots of bits & bobs on my "computer table"..as I call it!!

HEY!!!! it CANNOT BE A BLANK canvas ..that is NOT MOIS!!
I have to HAVE STUFF on a top of a blank piece of furniture!!!

I have even hung some little tin birds i have had for ages from the faux berry arrangement..

I changed all my bookcases around re my "FRENCH" books/magazines etc...

SOO this is MY first post with my new computer...I have been struggling to kind of find where I have kept the photos??
on my OLD computer they came up in a "date" folder...& I could look at ALL of them and pick & choose which ones I wanted.

With this computer...I am NOT sure where I have put them...so I am just going through all kind of "jpeg" images...(which isnt showing me their image)..so I am just clicking on what I think i can remember photoing in order??

NOT very effective.....SOO that is something I need to work on...

AND I have tried to delete photos I have duplicated...I did press "delete" & thought they had gone...BUT I have messed this up......

Soo please bear with me..
apologies for repetitive photos...MMM!! how to DELETE...is my next hurdle??

I thought holding down the "mouse" & pressing the delete button would do it??
Obviously doing something VERY basically incorrect.....
shall ASK the MEN of the house when they get home!!


hopefully I am kind of getting there..???

(ladies with MACs ...please DONT laugh)!!!
I was struggling with my PC...soooo this is A BIG BIG STEP for this OLD GIRL!!~~~

xx andrea


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You are going to have fun with your new toy!
i AM sending you a email ...a detailed one,see if I can help with one of the issues;)

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Andrea,
Love the way you have set up the computer. Checked out your new blog too - like Kylie, I will send an email to see if I can help you solve some of these issues.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

chair up said...

You Go Girl!!!! Well done on your first laptop post. What a view you have from your table! Hope you can get all your probs sorted. Sorry I'm no help at all. Love all your neatly stacked mags.

the*pink*princess said...

Always takes a while to get the hang of a new computer and find your way around!! Love the photos !!! Les xx

Bunny said...

Well I have discovered I am smarter that I had thought so I am sure you will learn and not forget. I am 68 and the old brain still works. Enjoy your new computer it looks marvelous. Hugs

Alison Gibbs said...

Good Luck with the new computer.
Have fun with the new blog too.
When I see the view from your window I think we parked near there last time we came to your town.

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Well done on your first post on your new Laptop Hun, you've done really well. Love the way you have set your table out too the cute little birds look great. So where can I find your new blog????

Lyn xxx