Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hello again ladies..

OKAY...suddenly realised Christmas was just ONE week away...i kept kind of thinking it was a few weeks away at least!! completely LOST track of time..

SOO the "old girl" had to get her little..(well maybe BIG BUTT into gear)!!

So i am kind of like the old tv show "upstairs/downstairs")...younger bloggers will NOT know what i am talking about..

ANYWAY...upstairs is my white/french chic type kitchen area ...I HAVE SHABBY PINK type decor featured for xmas....

Downstairs is the MALE DOMAIN!!! (yukky poos) the PROVERBIAL table tennis table..drum kit..brick walls......OKAY...this is the TESTOSTERONE centre.

where i have all my CHRISTMAS pressies wrapped under a little tree..

AND some chocolates..shortbread...mints...napkins...

AND this rooms opens OUT to the BBQ area...given this another little xmas makeover...(per 3rd/4th/5th photos..soo hard with water restrictions to make anything look good..BUT tied xmas decs around .... decorated the table a bit??_

soo think it looks OKAY???........ little lanterns to light for xmas eve...
I am quite happy with the wrapping scenario AS i have NOT been really TOO motivated..i think the photos show what my theme is??
mixed red/white..brown paper...PLAIN thick STRING!!

gave SOOTY his christmas bath yesterday...and a GOOD GOOD brush..

(in amongst the biting teeth...what are you doing to me ?? look!! he kind of says??)...
get over it SOOTY!!!
He has come up a treat...put his collar on with XMAS ribbon tied around..

(funny bit of an aside...sooty is 11 yo in feb...was going quite grey in colour...BUT he has suddenly come back with his original BLACK hair??? all over his back area...head is still greyish?? what tha?? not quite sure why..any answers are welcome)..

is it the TUNA??? which i feed him ? & which he loves...

anyway...I am having about 14 people over for Christmas EVE...getting ready for that..

MAY do a post on my XMAS tables?? whatever...

have a great chrismas...

xx andrea


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Your Christmas decorations look brilliant. I love it all.
Sooty looks great & I love his festive bow!
Happy entertaining, & Merry Christmas.

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Andrea,
I love, love, love all your Christmas decor...yes it has a habit of sneaking up on us doesnt it? Do not know whats happening re Sooty, maybe hes been into the Grecian 2000.
Have a wonderful Chrissy, you have certainly set the scene, Mel xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have'nt wrapped any pressies.
I need to in a BIG way but kids seem to always be around!
Your wrapping looks really great.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Andrea, it all looks great! So pretty! Nice to see Sooty is in the christmas spirit too!! Might be the omega 3 in the tuna, I'm always eating it but does nothing for my grey's.. lol! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and great new year!!!!! Maryann ps I know the show you're talking about.. but don't tell anyone I told

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea, lots of pretty christmas decor. Christmas will be here before we know it and gone just as quickly.
Love Sooty's christmas bow