Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hi again ladies..

well after yesterdays cleaning spree I have been quite comfortable listing lots of goodies on ebay today....!!

I just love the vintage crochet granny blanket I found yesterday at an op shop and I have teamed it up with some red/green christmas decs..

Looking at listing my "GREEN" goodies...I dyed the tablecloth a lovely green and had the vintage napkins already..teamed up with a basket...??
BUT I LOVE the BIG tin shabby pink floral round PLATE/TRAY..what do you think about it??

I Love it as a display behind other pieces...?? or to use??

Guess where I bought it & purchase a LOT of my lovely bits & bobs from??


these SHOPS are AN ENDLESS supply of YUMMY goodies..with a BIT of thinking OUTSIDE THE SQUARE!!! if you get my drift...
so if not thought about them...check them out!! food for thought.

xx andrea


Lucinda Obrien said...

Hi the dyed all looks great in the basket.Your right ,think outside the square,and look what beauties you can create!
take care Lucinda

sarah { abeachcottage } said...

oooh, hadn't thought of that, and there is a town near us that has quite a lot of shops...hmmm, thinking...

well done on your cleaning spree, I need one ;-)

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Andrea, just found your blog, you are very clever. I love vintage too, cheers Katherine

Beach Vintage said...

I must say that plate/tray is my favourite too. Just lovely.

Kerryanne English said...

Andrea, you are always so busy. Your house looks great and very CLEAN - how satisfying it must feel.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea
Love the vintage crochet granny blanket, I remember making one of those when I was younger, does that make me a granny?
Love the way you're "dying" things

Yes Andrea, me too, awake at 3 in the morning - usually 3 oclock on the dot, takes hours to go back to sleep - I think it's another little bonus for our age group !!!!