Friday, October 9, 2009


Hello again ladies...OKAY i have been a busy little BEE!


did my tennis this morning and was very pleased with my hitting...!!

normally it wears me out...BUT hey with my fake tan yesterday...(good brown legs!)...& I actually ATE breakfast!!

I was all go......& havent faded during the I have been a busy little bee...

Finishing painting & sealing the pink goodies I posted about yesterday....

PLUS a few other bits I have to finish off...including my lovely OLD plaster MIRROR.....I have had that sitting around for over 2 yrs...BUT finishing it off now..

AND making some CARDS..

butterfly..dress....little bird...IN FRENCH BLUE theme..adding little buttons/sparkling hearts...faux diamentes etc...little bit of old lace..little pegs with string to hang??

doing some PINK ones later on...

NOT sure what to do with them?? even if any good...but having FUN!!

AND i have to say I am NOW in a MOOD to find....

VINTAGE COOKBOOKS......oh my..watched Margaret Fultons show on Foxtel the other night...what a wonderful woman/pioneer re aussie cooking she is...


VINTAGE suitcases/ one i have madeover is going very well on ebay!!

VINTAGE LINEN & lace...purchased A HUGE lot yesterday from an estate sale..

VINTAGE kitchenalia...always ADDS to the above...PLUS I JUST LOVE VINTAGE KITCHEN STUFF!!

VINTAGE sewing/knitting books..I ALWAYS love VINTAGE SEWING/KNITTING..

ALSO watched KIRSTIES wonderful NEW show on knitting..home made goodies...AWESOME viewing for the crafty lover...cannot remember the name...BUT JUST a wonderful show for craft lovers...

so have shown a few photos AGAIN of my craft/ebay room/my desk.. is CHOC a BLOCK FULL.. BUT I LOVE ADDING TO IT!!

working in this room with MY NEW DOWN LIGHTS installed last weekend....I CAN actually see what I AM doing!!

okay enough from me ..... have a lovely weekend everyone..

xx andrea


chair up said...

Whoa sure do have an inexhaustible supply of creativity and the great thing about you is that the ideas don't just sit in your head, you actually get on and do it! Great work!!
Have the best weekend,

mariondee-designs said...

I love your craft room! So many pretty things to see and make.. have fun.. Maryann

vicki archer said...

Have a lovely weekend too Andrea....and don't work too hard, xv.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

"Green" I am!
"green" with envy!
Andrea I would like give up My Morning coffee to have a room like that!
Oh I would get soooo much work done if I had a Little ...Or in your case Big space to do it in.
And You My friend WOW!!!
You are oozing with creativity at the moment!
I want to dye all my Doilies now too!
Where do I get me some "rit"???

And the little dress card is gorgeous!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Andrea, if you are after vintage cookbooks there is a great little shop near me called VINTAGE COOKBOOKS (of course!) Here is their website

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Andrea - i have been loving that new show with Kirstie as well, am so glad you mentioned it as i dont know anyone else who has watched it. I love those blue/white whatever they are little dresses and things you hve in your photos. take care, Mel xxx