Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi ladies & thank you all for the birthday wishes last week..
I know i am always cleaning but I have to say my upstairs ebay room was totally out of control..with items spilling out half way across the house!!

SO my MISSION today was to FINALLY get it organised & the same with the room next door which has been a dumping ground for STUFF & MORE STUFF!!
I am getting there...I have placed ALL my different coloured linen in baskets...all tins I have together so as I know what I have..ALL dolls heads together..all granny blankets together..etc etc..
in between I made a few little christmas cards? & HUNG SOME lovely pink/blue/green LANTERNS....they just ADD to my shabby listings!!!??
AND I LOVE the Christmas decos...LOVE the BLUE & the PINK...soo just had to buy them as well!! not sure what will do with them...
I really have to get into gear this weekend & list LOTS of stuff!!!!!


i think I should HAVE a shop again!!

soo have shown you heaps of photos..

PLUS one of me when I was about 6 yo..with my LATE front of the OLD HOLDEN...with HIS BIG hand around my shoulder..
FUNNY you can kind of tell if a boy is going to be big..look at his HAND!! he grew into his ears & his hands.. to be 6' 2"...!!!
why am i only 5'4"??.....GRRR!!!

it is a lovely precious OLD Black/white photo from the early 60's....I keep it in front of my ebay packing table..Wish we still had the OLD car...?? she was a beautiful grey/dark grey colour with i think red leather upholstery?? HOLDEN?
OF course NO seat belts back then.

bit of nostalgia amongst it all..

xx andrea


Kerryanne English said...

It must be fun working in that room surrounded by such beautiful things Andrea. What an accomplishment today.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

chair up said...

Ditto Kerryanne's be surrounded by all that wonderful stuff, what a creative space you have!
I have a late brother too, my younger brother. What a lovely memory that photo is for you...and look at you with your cute page boy and fringe, too cute!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Andrea,
Oh my goodness. Where is that shop? lol
All your bits and pieces look so pretty and i'm sure you have heaps of fun in that (lady) toy room.

I would also treasure that photo.
Thanks for sharing.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Said it before and will say it again....
Ahhhhhh Let me loose in there!!!
Loving it all.
Hey I do not have a craft room but you know my Disastrous cupboard....
It now has shelves in there!
Anything is an improvement!
You have a real aladdins cave in that room!

mariondee-designs said...

I just love your ebay room! So many pretty things. I could sit in there all! So sorry to hear about your brother but what a lovely photo to have and treasure. Take care, Maryann

Siobhan said...

Well, you better be a holden girl thats all I can say! lol. Love the photo...its nice looking back and old memories.

Love your ebay have so many pretties in there.

Siobhan xo

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Good Grief have you got heaps of *stuff* in that room & like Kerryanne said beautiful things Andrea. How have you been Sweet, sorry I havn't been over lately but have been setting up my website & it is finally up & running although I still have more to list. Hey girl Im having a giveaway so pop on over when you have the time.Hope your having a great day

Lyn xxx

Beach Vintage said...

I would jump over hot coals for those rose tins!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Oh wow, gosh there is lots of treasures in you ebay room!]
Love that picture are something I never tire looking at.
Have a great weekend.