Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi AGAIN ladies..

OKAY...friday night...Hubby has had to go interstate AGAIN!!

Christian is out for dinner with his girlfriend...(which i am happy about as he has had 3 x 3 hour serious uni accounting exams this accounting etc etc...jeez i did law at uni...BUT accounting..ANYTHING to do with any sort of figures/maths was WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE) he has studied hard ... and found the exams quite easy..!! soo a night out before his last one in a few weeks has my motherly approval!! (trying to sound quite authorative!! i laugh at myself typing that)..

ANYWAY...I guess you can all figure I am a little bored..!! (have been doing the usual listing of stuff...and whilst sitting here doing that....& in between watching "master chef"...i luv that show..

figured....oh well may as well do another blog....and it is kind of about TWO of my obsessions!! (not mentioning magazines!! that would be another total NEW blog in itself)...


soo shall show a bit of BOTH I have throughout my house...(PLUS the suitcase FULL of shabby white & pink letters I bought wholesale a few years ago...& still have them sitting snuggly in the suitcase...sold a few on ebay...BUT WHAT THA??)...

Everytime i go to the BED BATH TABLE store...they have a whole section with the white letters...numbers..I AM ALWAYS tempted..!!


I would actually LOVE to be ABLE to afford the VINTAGE tin ones..worth hundreds of dollars..

OH WELL...AM I normal with this little obsession?

NOT to mention when i see lavender...roses...even sunflowers...I JUST have to buy heaps & dry them...


still very cold here today...the wind is howling through my front windows..great for Christian re his LOVE of skiing..!!
I DONT THINK I like the cold weather.....

xx andrea


Kerryanne English said...

It's cold alright... bbrrrrrr!!
Even though we have ducted heating I think I may light a fire in the open fireplace tomorrow. It feels so cosy having a roaring, crackling fire. I like the toasted marshmallows too [giggle].
Stay warm.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anonymous said...

Ok Andrea, you are not alone in your alphabet letter addiction... I love them too. That & words signs like, Paris, Cafe etc.
I also love your collection of dried roses & lavender, very pretty.
Hope you don't get too bored there tonight on your own, just about to head off to bed, because I need to be up at about 4.50am to get ready to go to work & open up the shop at 6am! God I must be just about insane!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I am abit cosumed by the whole letter thing too!
I have Relax and of course my Bathe that I got from lil ol you!
And love them!

It was a whole 5 degrees here and lower all day yesterday!
It is C-O-L-D!
I prefer the cold but this has been hard to adjust to after such a hot summer...

Kids are crook too! Ugh!
Ready to curl up in a corner...
This is when I miss central heating!
Just a fireplace looses it'sd thrill when it is all you have,And grabbing wood in 2 degrees!

Alison Gibbs said...

Sure looks like a serious obsession!!LOL