Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hi ladies...well I must say it is an absolute STUNNING GLORIOUS beautiful winters day here in Melbourne today...bright sunshine..no wind..PERFECT!!
(after last weeks cold blast..)...

Christian has just rung me from Mt Buller (has gone up for the day skiing..as you do in between uni exams!! & his work commitments..)...BUT said it was absolutely beautiful...heaps of snow..gorgeous bright blue sky..& NO ONE there!!

(that last comment does worry me a bit though...as he does go onto the BLACK runs...& mid week not too many people would be on those runs..BUT he is an experienced skier .. so i know he will be cautious!!)...mothers worry as usual..

let alone the worry about him driving up there & back!!!

anyway..had a little shopping spree yesterday after my tennis...AND am busy listing them today...

enjoying sitting in the sun..on the computer..looking out across the water..whilst watching tv & cooking a chorizo sausage stew in between!!
BUT!!! couldn't open the jar of one ingredient..so went in next door to my best friends house...(hubby was there)..for him to open it..
MRS S...was coughing...has been sick over the last few days..aches pains/shivers/sweats etc..said she is feeling much better today..BUT GUESS WHAT?? her 2 friends she walks with each morning BOTH tested positive to SWINE FLU yesterday...!!!
NOT SOMETHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT!!?? (not really..it is just another cold type thingey...nothing too serious in OZ!!)...
SO after that little interlude............

am in the midst of listing my lovely finds....

(ps..am thinking about doing a weekly post on lovely shops in my area/which i come across..which i like etc...just wondering if that is a good idea...?? anyone interested?)..

have a lovely rest of the week..
xx andrea


Kerryanne English said...

We didn't get sun here until late today. The fog hung around most of the day and I think it is starting to roll in again now.
Good luck with all your ebay auctions.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What are you doing to me Andrea!
Those tin pails! with birds!
The cute signs!
And well the little tin birds on ribbon I actually have some of those!
I love all these things you find.
Where do you shop?

Now where you live really has some great little shops so That post idea would be good ...me thinks?
Today was truly glorious...Quite agree

Fiona said...

Hey Andrea - I would love to see your shopping haunts.

Hugs - Fiona

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea showing us your favourite shops would be such fun

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Andrea, would love a peek at the shops in your area, may even get over your way one day soon too. have been to the restaurants ages ago which were very nice indeed, probably drove right past your house!! Anyway, I was wondering where you got those little metal birds from as a local shop had them up here but just for display. I have an antique bird cage that I wanted to put them in but havent been able to find any others.