Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hi ladies....following on from my LAST POST!!

YES....went out driving this morning...and bought MORE "MOR" stuff to sell...!

(per photos)...these are my photos I have taken to sell/list these goodies on ebay...
I try to make my goodies look NICE!! presentable...appealing etc....

I love MOR stuff...all aussie made...and the fragrances...BAMBOO & SUGAR CANE...ITALIAN BLOOD ORANGE...MARSHMALLOW...ETC ETC...yummy....& MOR yummy!!!

SOO there is life in this OLD GIRL yet!!! DRIVING!!!

GORGEOUS day here in Melbourne today....bright blue skies..sunshine..just RIGHT!!!!!!

xx andrea


Alison Gibbs said...

Good for you Andrea. More fabulous MOR stuff. It looks so cute

abeachcottage said...

oooh I LOVE MOR stuff, I just got introduced to it before we moved here from the UK and it was v expensive there, and then I came here and overdoesed on marshmallow, so so gorgeous

just read your last post about the driving, sorry that happened to you

hope you selling goes well, do you sell it overseas? do you but it retail? sorry if that sounds rude, just interested, I'd love some more MOR but budget bit tight at the mo'


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have never tried "Mor"
Sounds scrumdiddly tho!
I am so blah with my Beauty resime...Sadly!
I still buy good Perfumes tho!
And those shoes Are you selling the shoes???!!!!

Fiona said...

Mor Marshamllow is my all time favourite - I am off now to check out your ebay ....

Siobhan said...

Hi Andrea, Oh you have some lovely MOR products here! How can you part with them? I know if I were you I would be keeping a stash of my own :)


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea,
Just popping over to see if you're OK

I absolutely adore MOR products, candles, lotions, room sprays - delushious!!

Loved your photos you've done for ebay - very SWISH'o

vicki archer said...

Good luck with the sales Andrea, xv.

Siobhan said...

Hi Andrea, I hope you had a lovely mothers day.


our shabby cottage said...

Oh, yum, I can smell it form here Andrea!!!