Monday, March 23, 2009


Hi ladies...

I have to apologise for a blog i did on saturday night (I have since removed it)...I was just grumpy as I did a blog..and then went to edit it...and VOILA!! all gone..MMM!! GRRR!!

this does happen on a little more than a regular basis!! much to my annoyance..
and for some reason I totally CRACKED it on saturday .. (probably as home alone)...BUT....

I have calmed down now...(maybe this is a menapausal thing?? anyway...that is MY excuse these days for everything!!)...
So i have been trying to be busy painting bits & pieces..op shop finds...other things I have in my "EBAY" room!!

I do this on a table in the middle of this room... AND AROUND this room I have little sections for clothes...cath kidston..material/lace...vintage linens...books/..mags..and LOTS LOTS more...(all to be eventually listed)...

AND i have another table where i pack items sold on ebay etc...

AND this room gets soo I take things from one end of the house...photograph it in another room..
then take it all upstairs to list/measure/describe.. etc.. on my upstairs laptop..

sooo the other night I had soo much stuff strewn all over the house...and with the BLOG not functioning...I cracked it... SOO sorry again!!

and I am embarassed at being annoyed/frustrated over such A silly thing in the scheme of life these days!! how childish was I?? VERY!

I ALways think anything "crafty" i do is NOT good enough...MY blog always seems to be out of I do get annoyed with myself!!
I am VERY hard on myself..and go to bed worrying about what I have done/said etc...sooo!!! i REALLY THINK I NEED TO...

learn to relax a bit...and just calm stress..go with the flow! AND have a BIT more self confidence in what I do...
JEE WIZ...I am nearly 52 yo...have a law degree..had a gift shop for 10 yrs..have two wonderful sons...!! plus hubby & sooty...
I really shouldnt stress about silly things soooo much???!! (its just difficult in that I have ONLY just started being on a computer for the last 4 yrs..and that is just basic stuff....SOO I Think THAT is what is annoying ME MORE than anything!!! I have BASIC computer skills which is very frustrating)...!!
YES!! i know i could do a course...BUT I am kind of scared i will mess it up!!

BUT HEY!! at tennis coach said to me...(and he did coach PHILLOPOUSIS!! dont know if that is a good or bad??)...HE said I would BE the best woman OVER 50's tennis player in Australia..!!

he said my hitting is awesome...soo powerful..and CONSISTENT!!

so that made me feel good!!! so I then even tried to hit HARDER!!! to show off!!

BUT then came home totally exhausted!! BUT HAPPY!!
sorry about this BLOG....but it is kind of like a "CLEANSING" blog...I have drawn inspiration from KYLIE...COUNTRY CUPCAKES BLOG...(jee wiz..she is much younger than me..BUT is more like my MENTOR!!)...xx kylie..

OKAY!!! LISTING PHOTOS of things....hope NOT too blurry OR out of order..(but probably so....BUT HEY...i think i am over worrying about that!!).
xx andrea


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Awwww you are such a darling!!
Andrea...You know the ancient Greek thing were perfection was too close to godliness so they purposely made a little fault or muck up here or there...
Well I think that when you and I make a mess of our blogs.
To think I used to live 15mins from you and work just 5 mins away!!!
Grrrrrr,I could've come helped you (with my limited knowledge)
and mabey eased alittle of the frustrations with the blog!
But keep blogging one way or another.
You are a beautiful,talentd and encouraging lady.
I know you often lift my mood when I see a comment from you.

And how I wish I could get lost in a room such as yours...
It is a treasure Crafty trove!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

P.s...Boy that last comment was like a samll novel!! lol!

Alison Gibbs said...

Andrea, so happy that you did not give up on blogging.
It sure can be frustrating at times.
So many treasures in your Ebay room

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Andrea,
Repeat after me.... I have lots of blogging friends and they all love ME for being ME.

You don't need to apologise to any of us Andrea. We all have off days, we all hate the computer from time to time and the world isn't always perfect. So you are not alone.

We'll have to get together to sort out your computing/blogging woes. All you need is someone to guide you through it.

Have a happy day.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

shabbydreaming said...

Sweetie if you wanna be grumpy sometimes then go GO for it Gal!!! You are such a wonderful sweet lady and we all deserve a bit of a rant and rave at times!!!
Thanks so much again for the extra goodies in my parcel you really did make my day!! OHH and Coopers too!!
hugs and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
I agree with Mandii, having a rant is good for the soul. I find it is sometimes just what I need to motavate myself into doing what's need, even if that something is to kick myself up the backside!
I LOVE your blog, your passion for your family & your home is just how I feel & age has nothing to do with that, it comes from the heart & that is why it is so worth reading. I am a bit of a techiphobe but I can try to give you a hand with the whole picture placement thing if you like. If you send me an email via my website with your phone number in I will call you one night & we can have a chat (looooong on!) & try & get it worked out for you.
~S~ xxx
I proberly wont be back online until Sunday night as I am off to a wedding tomorrow & then working all day on Saturday. xxx But leave your number & a convient time& I will help you out.

Gail McCormack said...

Of course you're allowed to be an Old Grump!!! It'd be pretty funny if we were happy and rosy all the time wouldn't it, specially ladies of a more mature age like us Andrea!

Hasn't the weather been just beautiful over the last few days - I don't want winter to come - please could it just stay like this


vicki archer said...

Hello Andrea,
I love all your craft and your photographs and to see what you are making. Rant away as much as you like and have a happy, happy weekend, xv.

Anonymous said...