Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello everyone ...

i shall keep this post short (for a change)...WITH THE HORRIFIC events unfolding in my state...i am not really able to write about anything positive at the moment..

Our papers are FULL of photos of families/children/elderly people...ALL gone in the bushfires..

A lady who i know from my local clothes shop has lost BOTH her 80 yr old parents and her brother..

I had my "weekly" spray tan today ...(how mundane & selfish does that now sound?)....she has lost her friend ..21 yo..and she said most of her teachers from high school..

Soo i was just watching the news...and apparently ONE MILLION ANIMALS have been lost...

SOO as i was watching that...4 x magpies literally LOBBED on my balcony...mum/dad & the 2 kids...

(i did feed a family last yr...but with their pooping..and it literally stuck like glue to my balcony..stopped feeding them)...BUT when these guys appeared...probably the same family with their gorgeous little guys sqwaking for food..

JUST had to feed them..

SOOTY was NOT impressed...he wanted the meat i fed them..BAD LUCK BUDDY!!

AND JUST how gorgeous is this photo of the female koala seeking water from a CFA volunteer....she apparently drank 3 BOTTLES of water...

this image made worldwide news...SHE is going to recover..

AND the latest photo of her today recovering at the wildlife sanctuary...AND A BIG THANK you to everyone who cares for our wildlife...xxxx

ps..just watching the news...and a NEW alert has come through..

not sure when this will end.....181 dead.....850 houses destroyed...5000 odd people without a home.. AND the toll is expected to reach about 300...

THIS is a TOTAL disaster...please cross...blood donations...anything..

ps...Coles in Melbourne on friday will donate all their profits to the please shop then..and buy as much as possible...

AND To think...MANY of these fires have been deliberately lit!!

AND do -gooders (civil libertarians).. are against the death penalty...MMM!! I DONt think SO..THINGS NEED TO CHANGE....

I could go on...BUT this Is NOT the forum to do so....soooo

take care everyone...

xx andrea


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Andrea,
The events of this week are so tragic and devastating that you feel guilty for doing anything slightly self indulgent. Good on you for showing the maggies a little bit of kindness - think of all those poor animals, livestock and pets that perished. Makes me want to cry.

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey my Sweet Andrea,
How are you luv?? You know it is getting to the stage where I cannot watch very much of this on TV anymore. While I was watching last night before they went to an ad break they started showing photos of those who had died, god Andrea the children, you know you hear the numbers but to actually see their faces well I just didn't handle it very well. Now whenever I see footage of burnt out homes I cannot help wondering if any of the faces I saw lived there. I think it is going to take a long time for this country to get over this.
I saw a cockatoo last night not a feather left on it & just 1/4 of its crest left. I can just imagine the panic all those animals must have felt trying to flee the flames but at least there are some at the wildlife sanctuary being nursed back to helth.

I have heard that Woolies is doing the same as Coles also on Friday.

The arsonists well I am now kinda thinking give them to the people they have hurt the most having their little thrill & destroying so many peoples lives, as for the looters simple cut their hands off they wont steal again. I find I am getting a lot harder as I get older & less tolerant of scum like this.

Take care my Sweet

Lyn xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It is so widespred and horrific .
Everyone knows of someone and all are mourning with these shattered communities.
I cried when I saw the koala and the trust....Koalas apparently hardley ever drink much....And that poor gal.

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea, such a terrible week in our wonderful state of Victoria. So many lost wonderful lives - such tragic losses for so many.
There are many people volunteering to help all of the livestock, pets and all our native animals. We do live in a wonderful part of the world

our shabby cottage said...

It has been terrible. the photo of the Koala is so sad. No wonder she dreand so much. Those poor things.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea

Ditto ditto ditto to all the comments and feelings expressed above!

A horror week none of us will ever forget. I thought Ash Wednesday was bad!!

The Vintage Rose said...

Its been sooo sad! Drop by my blog to see what other bloggers up up to to help the Appeal.