Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hi lovely ladies...I have been doing a bit of cleaning up today..(for a change!!)...AND i have suddenly kind of realised that I think i have an addiction..


I literally CANNOT help myself....house & garden..home beautiful..french mags..english mags..nz house & garden...

although I must say..I never buy make up fashion mags..(my mum buys them at 86!!)....I just have to buy HOME typey ones!!

I have SOLD SOOOOO many on ebay over the last few years...BUT LOOK WHAT I STILL have stored in bookcases...in the kitchen..in the bedroom..my ebay room etc etc..(and I still have lots more NOT photographed!!)....

I am JUST wondering IF I AM NORMAL? or a bit off the planet??

OR am I beginning to be ONE of those "HOARDERS" featured on OPRAH...with soo much stuff they have to get an expert in to help them???

OH MY!! I hope not...

HOW many mags CAN one GIRL HAVe??? hundreds?? or MORE??

I think the problem probably began when i had my gift shop...as of course all these mags were a tax deduction...BUT HEY ANDREA!! THEY ARE NOT deductible any more!!

OH well...they give me inspiration !! re my blog!!? LAME excuse... NO...HOME DECOR..

TAKE CARE...xx andrea


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I was told recently any more than three of anythong is a collection!
So Honey you are a Museum!!!
My Mum has the hugest stack of Home beautifuls...Do they still even produce hb???
Anyway ,If you enjoy them ,Then why not?

our shabby cottage said...

If it's a pleasure of yours to read magazines, then why not have a huge collection? I think they look great all stacked up together too!

Shiree said...

Hi Andrea,
so nice of you to visit my blog, and now I am visiting yours - blog travel huh!
I guess magazines are a little bit like shoes - you can never have too many. I am the same, altho I have stopped myself from buying so many magazines of late - but I do have piles dotted around the house so they don't look quite so bad as when they are grouped all together huh...
happy reading!, Shiree

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
OK that is one huge collection of magazines!!!
But if you enjoy them, why not???
I have a collection of Country Home Ideas mags & wouldn't part with them for anything. I often go through them if I need a little inspiration or if I need to satisfy my need for pretties.
So collect on, my friend!
Sarah xxx

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Andrea - i will have to put my hand up and admit that i too am a fellow magazine addict - but i think you already knew that! lol i think you even bought some when i sold some on ebay he he he - guess what i have boatloads here again, how did they get here and wouldnt it be scary if we actually added up their $$ value! I just wish i subbed to a few when the us$ exch. rate was so good! I think if this is the worst thing we are addicted to then we are doing ok. Mel xxx

our shabby cottage said...

Hi again Andrea, I have given you an award. Pop on over to see it, Kathryn. XX

Country Wishes said...

Yep, Im an addict too Andrea.. Piles and piles of them..
They look very well organised and Im sure you still flick through them when you need inspiration.


Kerryanne English said...

Honey, if that is your only addiction I wouldn't be too worried. In the circles we all move in, collecting magazines is NORMAL!!

Lucinda Obrien said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for your caring comments on my blog.
I too am a magazine addict, but like you only home ones.I gues if that's our worst habit it's not a bad one to have.
Have fun flicking through them:)

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Thank God Andrea I am not the only one who *collects* mags. Have them packed into shelves, in boxes, containers & even up at my Father inlaws in storage as I have run out of room. No makeup or fashin mags for me either all homey ones just like you.

Hope you fine my Sweet

Lyn xxx

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What a pretty sight...all those magazines all stacked up...just lovely! I think that your archiving of fine paper products is not a problem but a selfless service on behalf of future generations! :)

M ^..^

The Vintage Rose said...

Well I think your collection is bigger than mine, but I do like to flick through them now and then for inspiration