Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hi ladies...just a quick little post to talk about the weather AGAIN!!

It has literally been far too hot to do anything today...currently it is 45 degrees in melbourne (about 115 farenheit)...

i have literally just been lying on the couch (going through my magazines..sorting out which to give to the op shop..and which to sell on ebay)..

PLUS in between...listing one or two things on ebay...I AM JUST NOT motivated..

I am just looking out to melbourne at the minute from my strategic computer spot!! and i can honestly say....MELBOURNE TODAY is a very very scary CITY..

the photos i have taken do NOT quite tell the story...BUT the city is now becoming greyer & greyer by the minute ... as we are being surrounded by smoke from bushfires raging throughout the state..AGAIN..

the north wind has been sooo tv aerial has blown off the roof and is hanging precariously over my bedroom least foxtel is still working..

My 20 yo son has just flown in from sydney (went to the TOP GEAR) show there last night..and he said it was absolutely unbelievable flying over victoria...the captain said if "you smell smoke" dont is not the aeroplane..but the bushfires!! and he said it was the MOST turbulence he has experienced...(and he travels a bit in nth america re he has experienced lots of turbulence)..

even SOOTY is suffering..i gave him a nice cool bath this morning..but he is just lying on the cool tiles in the I have wrapped a water logged cloth around his keep my "BABY" cool..
okay!! just watching the news...this is THE HOTTEST day EVER in MELBOURNE..a city of 4 million reached 118 degrees farenheit....!!
Bushfires are still raging all around melbourne...the wind has now stopped ... but it is just soo eerie....the city is just totally shrouded in GREY!! it is very spooky....
houses have been lost...
my dads sister has just rung him ...she is 90 dad at 85 is the younger brother!! she has had to flee her house re the fires...she is stressed of course...and just had to ring dad to tell him what is going on.. I dont know where dads other sister is...she is 95 yo!! hope she is okay??!!
i am updating this blog site as I hear things...Melbourne is just now totally a bleak grey grey city...even though i am not under any threat of in a suburb...I can kind of feel what is going on...
i was a policewoman back in the 1983 bushfires...and remember the horrible drama of it all...the lives lost...houses lost...bushfires are JUST the MOST horrendous thing...wildlife suffers...and many of these fires are lit by arsonists...!!
I am not a religious person...BUT I can ONLY give the CFA/MFB firefighters the UTMOST gratitude...they are totally AWESOME...and they are the BIGGEST volunteer FIRE FIGHTING service in THE WORLD!! xxxxxx to these guys../women .....

knowing it was going to be soo hot today...i went to one of my fav antique/flea market/junk warehouse on thursday..and bought some lovely bits & bobs to list on ebay..

I found this gorgeous painting..i thought for $5.00 it was just soo peacefully shabby chic..

on the back is written that it is the "main bedroom of 71 merrion square dublin...home of sybil connelly"...

my darling hubby suggested i look that name up on google..and guess what?? she was a famous IRISH fashion designer who designed dresses for Jacqui Kennedy!!

maybe I have stumbled onto SOMETHING!!??? probably I cannot decipher the artists signature...(when i bought it..the guys told me that it came from the home of a little 80 odd year old i also bought a lot of her needlework items..thats why he mentioned who she was)..

soo a bit excited for a minute...maybe more research?? so shall not be selling it just yet!!

i have to stop typing now as I am literally melting away...even with the air con on full throttle..

i promise I shall NOT blog about the weather again.. although thank goodness I didnt have tennis today!!

pps...sorry photos are out of order re the blog story....still cannot work out what i am doing!!

xx andrea


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea
Poor little Sooty! Poor all of us too! We had Red Hill Market today, it was very scary, they finished it early due to the wind and heat, my eyes feel like they've been sand blasted. We have Mornington Race course market tomorrow, I think we'll be battling the rain rather than the heat tomorrow, listen to me rambling on about the weather - but you must admitt it's a big effect on our lives at the moment

I loved the painting\print you found is it a keeper, I think it would be if it was mine.

Keep cool - warm - whatever the next few crazy Melb. days might bring!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh it was a shocker of a day!
We even let our very large and who ended u being very well behaved Dalmation inside.
He just sat on the mat at the door and enjoyed the aircon,He was the perfect gentleman.
Your find sounds like it could be a lucky one

Byron said...

hey mum, just found out about the bushfires. cant believe it. it is the lead story on CNN and BBC World News. Hope everyone is alright. Speak to you tomorrow.

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Good grief Andrea it is really getting very serious now, what you poor darlin's have had to put up with down there, first the heat now the bushfires but then I supose they do go hand in hand.
I just hope it starts to cool down soon for you guys, 46 is just crazy.

Oh & I love your painting

Lyn xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
It's almost an unconcieable thought of the temp getting to 46 degrees!!!. The hottest I can remember was on New Years Day in Sydney when it got to 44 officially a few yars ago. Its about an hour drive to Sydeny from our place & I think the only confort we got was while we were in the car in the air conditioning, to hot for the beach, to hot to sit, almost to hot to breath.
I am sitting here listening to Weekend Sunrise on 7 & they aredoing extended covrage of what is happenind down your way. Sheer horror, its hard to believe, kind of feels surreal.
Stay safe my friend.
Sarah xxx