Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello again ladies....hope you all had a happy New Year...and are sticking to your resolutions!!!
Well I arrived back in Australia early Sunday morning...picked up by my husband and we stayed a few days at my sons place on the Gold Coast in Queensland ...and returned HOME to Melbourne yesterday..
Good to be home...BUT I already miss Japan!! and of course my son still over there!
As said in previous posts...the shopping is absolutely and totally AWESOME in Japan...there is JUST SOOO much to chose terms of clothing...electrical..make up...etc etc..the only problem is being able to actually look at it there are JUST SOOOOO MANY can literally barely move!
They are a beautiful & totally gracious race of people.....polite & curteous...AND i did NOT see one bit of graffiti!
and for you shabby chic lovers out there....ALL the taxis have white LACE material on all front seats and back head rests!! plus the drivers wear white gloves..SPOTLESS taxis & a joy to ride in.
I thought i would just share some pictures of the little bits & bobs of piecesurchased...excluding the $500.00 worth of Cath Kidston goodies ( not photographed very well in a previous blog)...

I bought some fantastic STICKY tape in deep pink with a lace border (and a cupcake one as well)...when unwound they have stick with the pattern shown...thought they would be great for gift wrapping some ebay stuff...pressies etc.
I just HAD to buy the gorgeous VINTAGE inspired postcards...they remind me of the type of cards i received for my birthday in the late 50's..early 60's...(i intend to frame them somehow)..

AND also HAD to buy this gorgeous little FRENCH stamp set...(designed & made in JAPAN by a japanese designer)..
I also bought lots of other cute pink stamps and some lovely pressies for my mum.
I bought several magazines which are just fantastic...dress making ones (ALL HAVE the patterns in the back...with gorgeous pictures...)..PLUS some HOME mags...which surprisingly have lots of shabby chic/vintage type decorating ideas..
PLUS i have shown my mobile phone..the japanese are BIG into decorating their phones...SOO I just had to follow suit with my bit of bling on the back..and my dangling pink crown hanging down the side!!

AND LAST but not least...a photo of the gorgeous FRENCH CHIC kitchen blackboard i received from my 19 yo son for Christmas....LOVE just have to re organize my kitchen to accomodate it somewhere...

I am TOTALLY motivated to do a LOT of re decorating ... re arranging...and of course to re START my EBAY selling!
So all in all I had the MOST marvellous time...visiting OSAKA...NAGOYA..& TOKYO..
would NOT hesitate to return tomorrow...although it would have been MUCH more enjoyable had the aussie dollar been worth a bit more....(a LOT more in fact!!)
xx andrea


our shabby cottage said...

Welcome home Andrea! So glad you had a great time - I can't quite believe you spent $500 at Cath Kidston but then with her prices and the currency, it doesn't take long!!! Gorgeous stuff though. Love the pink phone with the crown on the side!
Great to have you home safely, Kathryn. XX

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

welcome home again,It sounds like any reservations you had about going away initially were long forgotten and you had a great time.
It really sounds like it was wonderful!

MelsRosePlace said...

Welcome home, it was fantastic to hear of all your adventures! I hope to get to Japan myself one of these your msg my email is so if you get a chance try again, Mel xxx

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Happy New Year to you Andrea...and what a wonderful start you have had...all that fantastic shopping, especially the pink phone!!! And what about the taxi ride...never imagined that...glad you went over and had sooo much fun...Take Care, Dzintra XX

496daryl said...

Hi Andrea,
Glad to have you back, miss you.
Hope you had a great New Year and so glad you are back and up running. Love the hearts you have for sale at the moment but sorry I dislike BLUE or I would have brought them.
Hope all your family are well.
I am going OK but as you know each day is getting harder. But if you stop trying you die and if that happened just think how many people would miss my buying from them. LOL
Keep in touch
Welcome home.
Love Lynda